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The author does not take any responsibility for the damage occasioned by this mod.

This mod is free, but any decompilation of this mod is PROHIBITED.
This mod must be distributed or otherwise linked to the AUTHOR. All mirror MOD must be accompanied by written permission of the Author.

You can use this MOD in videos (Youtube, Dailymotion etc..), screens or pictorial provided include the AUTHOR and the MOD name in the video and description.

Code : Axaurus
Textures : Axaurus, crieur033, EvilMojang, PaNzEr, Mojang

Some textures of resource pack : Jolicoeur
Some musics of ressource pack : Fox Interactive, EA Games

Thank to the team of, and the team of for helping me for the codes.
Thanks too also PaNzEr, ZiT to be supported and encouraged me.

Youtube Channel/Twitter : _Axaurus :  ;
       _PaNzEr & Carer (Team [XD] Frenchies) :  ;

This mod require Forge


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