v1.0 mc1.6.2/1.6.4 :
- 3 candy added : green, yellow and purple (who restores 4 units of the food bars) who loot respectively by the ghost, vampire and mummy.
- Candy Trick or Treat added, who craft with the 3 candy.
- 2 sound added, who played the night between 15 000 et 20 000 ticks.
- Cobweb's spawn and Pumkin'spawn added in the overworld.
- 3 monsters added : ghost, mummy and vampire.

v1.1 mc1.7.2 ​:
- 13 other candy added.
- All candy craft with a sugar and a dye of his color.
- Gray Paper, Black String and Blood Bottle added.
- Black String is crafted with black dye and string.
- Gray Paper is crafted with Paper and gray dye.
- Blood Bottle not be craft : vampire drop it
- 2 tomb added : a"normal" and a "rounded".
- Zombie's suit, vampire's suit and mummy's suit added.
- Zombie's suit is crafted with Rotten Flesh.
- Ghost's suit is crafted with Gray Paper.
- Mummy's suit is crafted with Paper.
- Vampire's suit is crafted with black string, blood bottle and bone meal.
- Cimetery's spawn and Lava Lake's spawn added.
- 4 new sound who played the night.
- Now, a ghost drop between 2 and 6 Gray Paper.
- Now, a mummy drop between 4 and 8 Paper.La mommie drop à présent entre 4 et 8 papiers.
- Now, a vampire drop between 2 and 7 blood bottle.

v1.2 mc1.7 ​:
+ A new world added : name is Frightful. There is, for now, one biome only : evilland.
- The portal is rectangular, same as a portal of the Nether. This portal builds himself with pumpkin and activates with a blood bottle.
Warning : the front face of the pumpkin should be facing the NORTH.
To pose for pumpkins, there must be a block below the pumpkin. After, you can destroy this block.
+ Four neutrals creatures added : evil pig, evil chicken, evil sheep and evil cow, spawn in Frightful only.
* The lava is deeper than before.
* Textures of tombs are modified.
* reorganization of the code.
* solving some bugs.

v1.3 mc 1.8 ​:
+ Added new boss : the Devil
+ Added werewolf
+ Added Apocalypse (more info in the wiki)
+ Added a Devil stick
+ Added a small spider
+ Added a message when you log a game while you are in december
* slight modification in Frightful
* Some modification in code
* Solving some bugs
* WIKI : Added pages for the French-speaking, a direct link is placed at the home